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Avda. de las Naciones, 25

45200 Illescas (Toledo) España

GPS coodinates:

40.146359, -3.82601

(N 40º 8' 47'', O 3º 49' 34'')


Engineering Department


GSE Composystem's Department of Engineering and Technological Development is perfectly trained to perform new projects, obtain the required quality qualification, commission the product and offer a post-sales service.

Apart from equipments requested by customers, GSE Composystem offers a wide range of products developed on basis to experience and accumulated "know-how".

GSE Composystem follows the "Concurrent Engineering" philosophy, bringing design, stress, quality, manufacturing and assembly areas together, so as to offer designs with a high add value. It is supported by technologies of CAD, FEM and simulating, ensuring developments of quality equipments with reduced costs and short term.