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Avda. de las Naciones, 25

45200 Illescas (Toledo) España

GPS coodinates:

40.146359, -3.82601

(N 40º 8' 47'', O 3º 49' 34'')


Quality Department


GSE Composystem management is aware of the importance of quality, being a point of difference against competition and more over in a context where the normatives are more demanding.

Quality Department is responsible for "Coordinate Control" and "Quality Assurance" of our company, products and services, in compliance with gathered standars on the international normatives, UNE-EN 9100 and UNE-EN- ISO 9001.


Among other aspects:

  • Comply with standards and safety regulations which apply on our products, as well as specifications and requirements of customers.
  • Establish measurable and quantifiable quality targets, thus perform a continuous improvement.
  • Keep optimum levels of quality in-service and deliver products.


GSE Composystem is engaging in quality products and immediate attention, giving full confidence to its customers confident.